Steel sheets

A range of products in sheet format, to expand the efficiency of your craftsmanship but the same high-quality and corrosion resistance as our traditional steel billets


Drakkar™ in DS93X™ represents a totally unique way of producing Damasteel® patterned material in sheet format. The pattern is composed of 72 layers and comes alive with a full bevel grind to the blade.

  • Sheets delivered annealed and shot blasted
  • Sheets can be sheared and delivered in strips to customer specifications
  • Sizing: up to 600mm wide, 2000mm in length from 1,25-4mm thick
  • Only available via custom production order


Our non-patterned steel. The best choice for any size of blade. Our ode to the incomparable, master knifemaker Bob Loveless.

Available in flat bar and sheets.

A martensitic, stainless, hardenable and non-patterned steel. Like the Damascus patterned steels it is a rapidly solidified powder steel for highest edge strength. RWL34™ is one of the two steel grades used in DS93X™ martensitic knife steel. 

Learn more about our history

Story of RWL34™

Learn more the history of one of our most popular steels, crafted in honour of Bob Loveless.

Story of Damasteel®

A fascination for the mythical Damascus steel exists at Damasteel®. Even today, beauty has its natural place in the world of steel.

Story of Damacore®

The development history of Damacore® is tightly connected to the history of steel innovation in Söderfors, we are so proud of where this innovation and technology has taken Damasteel®…

A steel to be admired, and used

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