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Damasteel® is your partner in craftsmanship and excellence, explore our library of resources on product understanding, inspiration, and our history.

Story of Damasteel®

A fascination for the mythical Damascus steel exists at Damasteel®. Even today, beauty has its natural place in the world of steel.


We invite you in to the world of high-performance stainless steel, expand your understanding and product knowledge with our library of datasheets

Story of RWL34™

Learn more the history of one of our most popular steels, crafted in honour of Bob Loveless.

Process of making Damasteel

Our blacksmiths forging technique and craftsmanship guarantees a Damascus patterned steel with unique durability and strength.

The craftsmanship behind our pattern

With over three hundred years of steel heritage behind us, our blacksmiths carry on a tradition that is built in to everything we do, especially the crafting of our…


An ever growing library of inspiration for using our products. Featuring some of the world’s best makers in jewellery, design and cutlery. Take a look through our archive and…

For Designers

If you can imagine it, we can help you create it. With our extensive steel library, we can help you explore alloy and pattern options so that you have…

For knife makers

Our range of steel alloys available for knife makers in both flat and round bar offers not only superior performance, but also versatility, and an unmatched commitment to quality…

For Jewelers

The beautiful patterned steel gives the jewelry a unique and luxury look with attitude. Damasteel® is hypoallergenic with high corrosion resistance of high quality.

For EDC gear makers

We understand that each project is unique. That’s why we are committed to providing customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Steel alloys

Damasteel® makes steel with the knowledge of the ancient tradition of pattern welding combined with the best steel properties of today. Choose the steel alloy and pattern that suits your…

Story of Damacore®

The development history of Damacore® is tightly connected to the history of steel innovation in Söderfors, we are so proud of where this innovation and technology has taken Damasteel®…

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