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If you can imagine it, we can help you create it. With our extensive steel library, we can help you explore alloy and pattern options so that you have all the tools you need for success.

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Our austenitic Damascus patterned steel is a combination of two separate alloys, 304L and 316L. These distinctive alloys are what give our patterns their characteristic light and dark designs. Through the etching process many distinct looks can be achieved to give your piece a unique and exclusive look.

All of our alloys pass through the forge here in Söderfors and our small team of blacksmiths work diligently to ensure a quality of not only finish – but also strength and durability.

It has incomparable toughness and strength combined with the corrosion resistance of a classic stainless steel. This allows for a very user-friendly Damascus patterned steel, that is made to be used.

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Damasteel® makes steel with the knowledge of the ancient tradition of pattern welding combined with the best steel properties of today. Choose the steel alloy and pattern that suits your product best.

The high-tech process to manufacture stainless Damascus patterned steel is combined with a genuine craftsmanship and intimacy with the client. A fascination for the mythical Damascus steel exists at Damasteel®.

Even today, beauty has its natural place in the world of steel.

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We are dedicated to creating a product that is easy to work with, to help in this process we’ve developed datasheets for each of our alloys. A step by step guide of recommendations and best practice suggestions to help you succeed.

Beyond our datasheet collection, we also have a resource library of videos on our youtube channel – we are constantly expanding this collection.

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