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Our Patterns

Each of our patterns begins life as an idea among our team of blacksmiths – with over 300 years of heritage and experience behind us creating our patterns is where we get to bring the beauty of the steel to the world.

Where we begin

The picture to the right shows the imperceptible transition between the two alloys in Damasteel® DS93X. The grains in the transition zone contain both alloys. The extreme strength of powder metallurgy allows us to create a steel of two distinct alloys that behaves as a monosteel.

After the rolling or forging the patterns are finished off by either twisting and/or coining and will be visible after etching. Examples of twisted patterns are Dense Twist™ and Heimskringla™. Typical Damasteel® coined pattern designs includes, among others, Odins Eye™Ladder and Rose. For each pattern we can offer suggestions for the size of piece that could fit well with the pattern, but these are suggestions only. Encouraging the creative expression of each maker is a key part of our work – our team is always excited to discuss pattern possibilities with our customers. As possibilities can be seemingly endless.

Where we end up

Our range of patterns is an ever expanding catalogue or library of options. With over 24 patterns in addition to our Damacore® options and expanding sheet offerings – our pattern range is reall the building block of what we do. Exploring new patterns and new technologies will allow us to keep pushing our limits on pattern possibilities.

Within our library we offer our newest range of patterns, exclusively in DS95X – The Dragon Family of Patterns. Comprised of NidhoggTM, FafnirTM, SvavnerTM and the newest addition, a patterned sheet, DrakkarTM. This collection is inspired by the famous Norse dragons of Viking lore.

Our dragon family of patterns

Unbeatable strength combined with durability, and beauty.

Are you ready?