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The newest pattern in DS93X has launched – our newest pattern in Damascus steel is our most chaotic pattern ever!

Patterned damascus steel - Grabak

Chaos finds a new home in high-performance Damascus steel with Grabak™

On Monday, February 5, Damasteel released their newest pattern in DS93X, a superior stainless steel built for sharp-edged tools like culinary or outdoor knives. This pattern, named for the Norse worm GrabakTM who ate at the roots of Yggdrasil, Norse mythology’s Tree of Life. GrabakTM has joined three other patterns in making the Dragon Family of patterns – all 4 of these patterns have taken inspiration from Norse mythology. But GrabakTM goes a step further in replicating the eyes and wing shapes of these mythological beasts.

That clear connection to the past and heritage is part of what grounds Damasteel to Söderfors, just an hour north of Stockholm. Söderfors, long famous for the steel anvils that transformed modern blacksmithing sits at a fortuitous point along the banks of the Dal River, making it possible to export products to all over the world. This location inspires countless generations of steel workers to push boundaries on technological possibilities, with the knowledge that the world is waiting for what will next from Söderfors.

The best performing stainless steel out there!

With GrabakTM Damasteel has replicated that global spread by sending 5 billets to 5 different corners of the world to be skillfully crafted by master bladesmiths. With each new pattern, new makers are chosen to create knives that will stay with Damasteel to act as showpieces for the creative potential of this patterned stainless steel. Seen above, these makers are: Semper Sharp from Alaska, Gareth Bull from South Africa, Fingal Ferguson from Ireland, Edward R Knives from Florida and Dikristo from Greece.

Suitable for small to large sized blades, this swirling pattern reveals new and distinct features at any size. Consisting of two different hardenable knife steel grades. DS93XTM combines corrosion resistance with superior strength. An easy to work with steel, technical and chemical information along with heat treatment and etching guides can be found in Damasteel’s datasheets – available through the website.

GrabakTM, is where heritage collides with technology, where chaos and precision have coalesced to create 2024’s most in demand stainless steel.