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Be equipped with adidas and Victorinox

In a first for Damasteel, our iconic VinlandTM pattern was featured on the collaboration project between global brands Victorinox and adidas. Their classic swiss army knife was given a bright new look and a matching pair of kicks too!

“The Damasteel® pattern is just one of many details The silver shiny Damasteel® pattern perfectly matches the Victorinox red used for this detail-oriented sneaker.”

Victorinox, Press Release

The show, released in a limited number of markets also came with a collector’s edition of the box – we were so proud to see our pattern features on so many of the elements for the release. An iconic partnership that we were proud to have had a small part in. For more info on the limited release from Victorinox.

Photo Credit: Victorinox, 2022.

adidas shoes in red with a swiss army knife featuring damascus patterned steel - shoes come with collectible box and gym bag.