Scaniansteel Knife no 2 Chef

By Christian Trajkovski

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Made by
Christian Trajkovski, Scaniansteel,
CURLY AMBROSIA MAPLE CHEF KNIFE IN DAMASTEEL RWL 34 Price: 3500,00 SEK My interpretation of a K-tip knife. Blade in stainless RWL 34 with a hand polished satin mirror finish. The handle is fashioned from stabilized curly maple that has been attacked by the Ambrosia beetle. This gives that handle distinct dark patterns running alongside the tunnels that the beetles have bored through the wood. Total length: Approx. 28 cm Blade length: Approx 16,5 cm Blade hight (at heel): 4,7 cm Steel: 3,2 mm thick Damasteel RWL34*. Made in Söderfors, Sweden. Blade profile: Full flat zero grind with small secondary edge bevel. Edge angle: 16 degress Hardness: 63 HRC Handle materials: Bronze and stabilized curly Ambrosia Maple. Marked with "C" on the left face of the blade near the handle. *RWL 34 A martensitic, stainless, hardenable and non patterned steel. Like the Damascus patterned steels it is a rapidly solidified powder steel for highest edge strength. RWL34™ is one of the two steel grades used in DS93X™ martensitic knife steel. A particular successful product with very high strength and toughness combined with extreme edge sharpness that is easy to maintain
Patterns used
DCI Online 2021
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