Damasteel® design

We want to create together with you! Damasteel® is suitable for different kinds of design applications, furnishing, home decor, wall clocks, table covers, golf clubs etc.

We help you with the prototyping and we’ll help you to find a suitable steel alloy and pattern to match your wishes for your design project.

We offer you custom made solutions and forge to order – to ensure you can design and create new innovative products.

Made with Damasteel®

Damasteel® offer custom made solutions, forge to order – special projects comes through.

Design Dice with diamonds – Difi

Design Guitar Slides – Jan Simon

Design Darth Vader – Skunkworks Props

Design Guitar – Sauvage

Design Shaving set – Anders Nilsson and Böker

Design Trumpet mouthpiece – AR Resonance

Design Trumpet mouthpiece – AR Resonance

Design – Lost Vape

Design Opener – Tobbe Lundström

I was initially drawn to the look of Damasteel, compared to other stainless Damascus steels on the market Damasteel has a much cleaner, sharper contrast and brighter look which I really like!Lee Lerman, Lerman Custom Knives

Steel alloys, perfect for design projects

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Damasteel® has incomparable toughness and strength combined with excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.

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Popular patterns

Are you smart enough to chose your Damasteel pattern?

Dense Twist™
DS92X™ DS93X™ DS95X™ ...
DS93X™ DS95X™
Björkmans Twist™
DS93X™ DS95X™
DS93X™ DS95X™
DS93X™ DS95X™

Damascus steel -a story of power, magic and exclusivity

The technique to create the steel that has everything was developed a few hundred years before the birth of Christ. Its properties were unique – an unbeatable strength combined with durability.

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