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Integral Gyuto -“Virvlendevind”


Steel – Concentric Layers round bar, forged
Blade Length – 210mm cutting edge
Blade Height – 53mm at heel
Weight – 232 grams
Blade Taper – distal taper 4.5mm at heel to 2.4 halfway to .6mm near tip
Grind – convex grind
Balance – balance directly on choil
Handle Construction – heirloom-fit two-tone stabilised amboyna burl / peened stainless pins, recessed in the top tang
Sharpening – sharpened by hand on a series of whetstones at a fine 12 degree angle per side, finished on a super fine ~10,000 grit natural stone with final edge polish on a leather strop 
Forged from a single piece of concentric layers round bar, this knife has a continuous flow of steel from end to end. I wanted to create a feeling of continuity and exploration when holding this knife.  The hand and the eye can wander from facet to curve and find the hammered layers of deeply etched and raw polished steel swirling and turning.  The two-tone wood I thought added nicely to the story of exploration… up and downs, dark and light, dead-ends and triumphs. This knife is forged for the adventurous. 



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