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“Hestia” – Bread knife


Type: Bread knife
Edge: 270mm (10,62″)
Overall Length: 440mm (17.32”)
Spine Thickness: 2.3 mm Tapered (0.090″)
Weight: 195 gr (6.87 oz)
Hardness (HRC): 63.5 (liquid nitrogen treated)
Damasteel Pattern: Hugin
Handle: Melaoxylon with hand inlay, Jewelry brass spacers.

One of the very few bread knives I have made and the first in damascus! Extensive research went into this one to create the best performing bread knife there is!
Mirror finished blade with high contrast on this Damascus pattern. Tapered blade with perfect 50/50 balance. Transportation sheath and papers included.

Video of knife
Link to webshop: https://www.dikristo.com/product/hestia

Patterns used


€ 1550 + VAT

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