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Cleaver – “Trollets Tommel”


“Trollets Tommel”
Steel – Concentric Layers round bar, forged on end
Blade Length – 155mm cutting edge
Blade Height – 93mm at heel
Weight – 276 grams
Blade Taper – 3.8mm at heel to 2.2mm halfway to 1mm at tip
Grind – fine convex transitioning to a very fine convex walkschliff grind closer to tip
Balance – just in front of maker’s mark
Handle Construction -heirloom-fit Concentric Layers elliptical bolster / live-edge stabilised black maple burl
Sharpening – sharpened by hand on a series of whetstones at a fine 12 degree angle per side, finished on a super fine ~10,000 grit natural stone with final edge polish on a leather strop 
The troll’s thumb!!  This bar was precisely heated and smashed on its end, forged to reveal the troll’s right thumb print smeared right into the blade.  His gnarly fingers extend off the end of the live-edge maple handle, and his left thumb print, grotesquely small in comparison, can be found right at the front of the bolster.  This cleaver is razor thin near the edge for conquering all veggies… even mythological ones.   



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