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“Aletheia” – Sujihiki


Type: Sujihiki
Edge: 270mm (10,62″)
Overall Length: 440mm (17.32”)
Spine Thickness: 1.7 mm Tapered (0.066″)
Weight: 182gr/352gr with sheath (6.41 oz/12.41 oz)
Hardness (HRC): 63.5 (liquid nitrogen treated)
Damasteel Pattern: Hakkapela
Handle: Ebony, Melanoxylon, Damasteel inserts, Damasteel spacer

A high performance, art sujihiki? Here it is. Steel and wood combined simple, strict lines and minimalistic aesthetics. Very thin, light and dangerous -for the fish- blade.
Mirror finished blade with deep etch for maximum texture on the Damascus pattern. Free grinded blade with combined grinds thin behind the edge, tapered blade, created for the perfect slice, especially for sashimi. Transportation sheath and papers included.

Video of knife
Link to webshop: https://www.dikristo.com/product/aletheia

Patterns used


€ 2200 + VAT

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