Scaniansteel Knife no 6 Chef

AMBONYA BURL CHEF KNIFE IN DAMASTEEL RWL 34 Price: 3500,00SEK This chef knife is made from 3,2mm thick stainless RWL34 with a handle from one of the best looking pieces of stabilized Amboyna that I have ever put on a knife. The burl is extremely tight and the colour of the wood is a pleasing […]

Scaniansteel Knife no 5 Chef

MAMMOTH TOOTH CHEF KNIFE IN DAMASTEEL RWL 34 Price: 6500,00SEK This knife is almost like a unicorn, very rare and only seldom spotted 🙂 I usually only make one knife a year with a Mammoth tooth handle since Mammoth tooth is a finicky material to work with. And I usually proclaim to myself that this […]

Scaniansteel Knife no 4 Chef

DAMSTEEL CHEF KNIFE, VINLAND PATTERN Price: 8000,00 SEK An absolutely gorgeous chef knife in stainless Damasteel Vinland, the handle material is chosen to match the “burl like” pattern of the blade. The blade has been hand polished to a mirror finish and etched in hydrochloric acid to reveal the pattern of the Damasteel. The pattern […]

Scaniansteel Knife no 3 Paring

DAMASTEEL PARING KNIFE, VINLAND PATTERN Price: 4000,00 SEK This perfect size for a paring knife, (well in my opinion anyway) and is the model of knife most often used in my own kitchen. Blade in stainless mirror polished Damasteel Vinland with a handle in stabilized Amboyna that matches the pattern of the blade. The pattern […]

Scaniansteel Knife no 2 Chef

CURLY AMBROSIA MAPLE CHEF KNIFE IN DAMASTEEL RWL 34 Price: 3500,00 SEK My interpretation of a K-tip knife. Blade in stainless RWL 34 with a hand polished satin mirror finish. The handle is fashioned from stabilized curly maple that has been attacked by the Ambrosia beetle. This gives that handle distinct dark patterns running alongside […]

Scaniansteel Knife no 1 Chef

DAMASTEEL CHEF KNIFE HUGIN PATTERN A knife with a truly stunning pattern, both in the blade and in the handle. The handle material was chosen to match the vertical orientation of the pattern in the steel of the blade. The steel of the blade is mirror polished Damasteel in the pattern Hugin, with a full […]