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House of the Dragon: A Story in Steel

SVAVNER™ as seen on HBO's House of the Dragon

The story behind the Swords

Damasteel knife of the year 2023

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Damasteel® has incomparable toughness and strength combined with excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.

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Damasteel®, a product of the mill that was established in Söderfors 1676.

We are very proud to be a contributor to the Swedish success story of iron and steel industry. Here in Söderfors we have a knowledge and tradition of making steel which made it possible to develop our company Damasteel® and its cutting edge product.

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A Tradition of Perfection.

Our blacksmiths creates a pattern from a perfect steel billet. This perfect steel billet has no boundaries between the two alloys. They are in fact one solid piece of steel. Hence the superior performance of Damasteel. Our blacksmiths then work with traditional methods utilizing their craftsmanship to make the most beautiful Damascus patterned steel in the world.

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Damascus steel -a story of power, magic and exclusivity

The technique to create the steel that has everything was developed a few hundred years before the birth of Christ. Its properties were unique – an unbeatable strength combined with durability.

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