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Our Damastyle™

DAMASTEEL’s steel is known for its superior strength and sharpness – both essential qualities for those seeking extremely sharp weapons or cutting tools. Our patterned steel also has a design that makes the final product so much more beautiful. Something that is perhaps equally as important.

Our collection/Damastyle™ includes dozens of designs that are always in stock. But thanks to our skilled smiths’ sense of form, the possibilities for pattern are almost unlimited. Regardless of the size of your order.

A genuine design and professional expertise combined with flexibility – we at DAMASTEEL® know that we are unique in this sense.


Flat bars in different pattern types:
The rolling or forging – either with a press or a hammer – of the billet alters the layers slightly.
Two pieces from the same production route and pattern do not look exactly the same. Deep grinding cuts or coining of the surface before forging give an even more interesting pattern. Dense Twist™ and Heimskringla™ are patterns especially suitable for hollow ground knife blades.

How to order

First select the pattern you want then select the type of steel and the measurements.

Standard RANGE

The form displays all the patterns and dimensions from our standard range, which we always have in stock. If there is one of our distributors in your immediate vicinity, you may be contacted directly by them once you have placed your order. Download PDF >>


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Would you like something that is not included in our standard range? Write your queries or requests in the “free text” field and we will contact you shortly to discuss further.


Product information to download

RWL 34™

Quality and Claims

For quality reasons we are only delivering ground and etched
material which have been 100% visual inspected for pattern.
This means that you should only receive from us approved
material which fulfills our demand for pattern. However one
must bear in mind that the process itself has slight variance
which gives some variance in the pattern. If you feel that you
have received something that looks suspicious please contact us.

The process should be:
1. Send us pictures of the material for us to do an initial check,
we will give you immediate feedback.
2. If we can detect an out of normal variance you should send a
formal complaint with ref. to order no.
3. The material should be sent back to us for investigation.
4. We will handle the complaint, if approved we will book
replacement order.
5. Delivery of replacement material.