Damasteel Knife Makers – Sknife

Sknife ltd. was founded in 2014. The sknife steak knife made of novel surgical steel has a four times higher corrosion resistance and a high hardness of 58 HRC. The knives as well as the steak forks are forged in Emmental and manufactured entirely by hand in the sknife knife manufactory in Biel.

Damasteel® Knife Makers – Nati Amor

A full-time custom knives maker and former jeweller with over 17-years of experience.

Damasteel® Knife Makers – Michael West

“To me the knife is a form of expression, and since I began in 1979, I have attached great importance to form, design and personal expression through the knife. It is a kind of meditation, where I sought to catch the beauty of the moment through Knife making.”

Damasteel Knife Makers – Lerman Custom Knives

Lee is a 28 years old knife maker based in the costal area of Israel where he make stock removal folding knives using manual machining, grinding and hand finishing.