Product release - Damacore® DC21R

Knife maker: Ted Dahlqvist

Welcome DC21R to the Damacore® family

Damasteel’s stainless Damascus patterned steel, Damacore® DC21R is a powder metallurgy-based steel with two different alloys. The center core consists of RWL34™, a particular successful product with very high strength and toughness combined with extreme edge sharpness. The Damascus patterned outer layers consists of RWL34™ and PMC27™.  The addition of Molybdenum in RWL34TM gives our Damascus patterned steel a higher corrosion resistance compared to standard martensitic stainless steels. The two alloys combined in Damasteel’s process gives the Damacore® DC21R a beautiful bright look and a mirror finish core.

Distinctive features

    • Mirror finish core of RWL34TM
    • Easy to grind and polish
    • Highest cleanliness level with no inclusions

DC21R is available in seven different patterns and in the same dimensions as DC18N.

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Data Sheet Damacore® DC21R

Damacore DC21R – Baldur

Damacore® DC21R – Hakkapella

Damacore® DC21R – Hugin

Damacore® DC21R – Grosserosen

Damacore® DC21R – Odins Eye

Damacore DC21R – Rose

Damacore® DC21R – Thor

Grosserosen on Damacore DC21R

Thor on Damacore DC21R – Ted Dahlqvist