DSKOTY – Knife of the year 2022

DSKOTY - Damasteel knife of the year

Thank you for tagging and submitting your incredible work all year! Scroll below to see the winner in each category of each month. This year’s winners of the Damasteel Knife of the Year will be announced on December 22, 2022. VOTING IS NOW CLOSED

About DSKOTY 2022

Every month, until the end of the year, we choose one culinary knife and one folder/fixed blade knife to be Damasteel knife of the month.
At the end of the year, the big finale takes place, with YOU the makers and fans voting for the “Damasteel knife of the year 2022” in both Culinary and Fixed/Folder!

How to enter a knife in the competition:

  • Tag a beautiful Damasteel knife with #DSKOTY on Instagram (make sure we can see your post by mentioning @damasteelab too!) 
  • It can be your own creation or someone else’s

What the awarded makers win:

  • The title “Damasteel knife of the year 2022”.
  • Special attention in our marketing 2023, ex. full-page spreads in Blade Magazine and Messer Magazine.
  • A beautiful patterned Damasteel flat bar.

This year for the first time, we will a awarding one special blade with Blacksmith’s Choice for 2022! This will be a single knife chosen by our expert team of Damasteel blacksmiths and be featured in upcoming 2023 materials and receive a package of Damasteel treats!



Culinary Winner for 2022

Knife maker: Shamrock Knives
Pattern: Heimskringla™


Fixed or Folder Winner for 2022

Knife maker:  Gareth Bull Knives
Pattern: Björkmans Twist


Blacksmith's Choice for 2022

Knife maker: Edward R Knives
Pattern: Dense Twist™



In our World, the World of handmade knives, winning first place for the "Knife of the Year" title, in such a strong competition and among top knife makers, is something like a dream come true! Straight to an Olympic gold medal or winning an Oscar for the best movie!Denis Budak, Knife of the year 2020