NHB Knife no. 1 – Voyager

By Nate Bonner

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Made by
Nate Bonner, NHB knives, United states
Knife info: Blade length: 5.5 inches or 139mm Blade height: 1.75 inches or 45mm Overall length: 10.5 inches or 267mm Pattern/bar: Fully forged 1 inch concentric layer round bar Distal taper: minimal Bolster: integral Weight without sheath: 161 grams Weight with sheath: 237 grams Handle materials: Cross-cut carbon fiber from Sweden, "Fat carbon" from Lithuania and micarta from the U.S.A Sheath: by my good friend Nicholas P Pence using the highest quality treated leather, German engineered "space grey" braided thread rated to 150lbs test, stainless post (recessed and covered from the inside) all hand stitched and handmade. Sheaths will come very tightly fitted and will soften up over time. Heat treating: In house with dry ice and alcohol cryo Photography: Spencer Pernikoff Price: $1000 Price includes shipping within the US (international buyer pays shipping) PayPal: nhbknifeworks@gmail.com
Patterns used
DCI Online 2021
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