EDC – Victorinox limited edition 2019

By Victorinox

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Victorinox, Victorinox, Switzerland
Pocket Knife for the Lover of the Finer Things in Life Like fine wines, great design takes great expertise to perfect. Raise a glass to the Wine Master Damast Limited Edition. Crafted from oak that’s been smoked to produce a deep, warm tone, the scales each have their own unique patina, echoing the wood used in traditional wine barrels. These are elegantly offset by the sturdy blade, honed from exquisite damast steel, to give optimal cutting performance. A silver Cross&Shield releases the locking blade in this breathtaking piece of design. The fact that each knife is one of just 6,000 produced worldwide makes this a truly covetable item for the collector and the wine connoisseur.
Patterns used
Steel alloys used
EDC limited edition Swiss army knives
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