Dikristo Knives – #3 Aiakos – Sujihiki – 270mm


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#3 – Aiakos – Sujihiki – 270mm

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Knife info:

Edge: 270mm (10,62″)
Overall Length: 445mm (17.5”)
Spine Thickness: 2 mm Tapered (0.078″)
Weight: 197 gr (6.94 oz)

Hardness (HRC): 63.5 (liquid nitrogen treated)
Damasteel Pattern: Gysinge
Handle: Unique, in house made “live edge” Carbon fiber and resin, jewellery brass spacers.

Mirror finished blade with high contrast etch on the Damascus pattern. Thin behind the edge, tapered blade created for slicing, whether is sashimi or a brisker. Transportation sheath and papers included with all my knives.

Price: € 2,200

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