Camacho knives no 1 Gyuto


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Knife info:

Harpoon K-Tip Gyuto
Pattern: Fafnir
Edge: 8″ (203mm)
Overall Length: 13.5″ (343mm)
Height Heel to Ricasso: 2.197″ (56mm)
Spine Thickness: .120″ (3mm)
Total Weight: 7.35oz (208g) 15.35oz (435g) including saya
Grind: Double bevel flat grind with very slight convexity behind the edge, 14″ diameter hollow s-grind, swedged harpoon and kiritsuke tip.
Handle & Saya: Stabilized, Bookmatched, Old Growth Redwood Burl

Price: $2300

Payment info: camacho-knives.myshopify.com

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