DCI Online November 2021

Thank you for attending DCI Online November 2021!

This time the visitors experienced something special in each of the knife makers booths! There were cutting, forging, and sharpening demos, professional chefs talked about food, cooking, cutting and shared their best advise using and taking care of a Damasteel kitchen knife! The KnifeTalk podcast interviewed all the knife makers in their live podcast and Fingal Ferguson had a GAW of a beautiful Damasteel chef knife! We hope to see you again 2022!

Awarded knives

Best in Show

Patrick Brennan, Brennan Knives no 1.
Knife info and more images

Best Chef Knife

Michael West, Westknives Knife no 1.
More info about the knife


Best Japanese Chef Knife

Zac Camacho, Camacho knives no 3
More info about the knife


Best Cleaver

Zack Worrell, Monolith knives no 5
More info about the knife

Best Bread Knife

Matthew Parkinson, Dragon’s Breath Forged no 10
More info about the knife


Best Integral

Nate Bonner, NHB Knives no 2
More info about the knife


Best Paring

Fingal Ferguson knives no 1946
More info about the knife

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DCI Knife Makers November 2021!


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