Meet the DCI knife maker - Christian Trajkovski

About Christian 

I have been making chef knives for some time now and actually started my knife making career by making myself a bushcraft knife in Damasteel with limited tools. This first knife was nothing to write home about, but it was the start that today has evolved into a small firm crafting high performance chef knives. I focus on high quality and great workmanship in each of my blades which puts a constraint on the number of available knives each year. The name Scaniansteel comes from the fact that my workshop is located in Scania the southernmost province of Sweden.

My main driving force is the beauty of the materials and the interfaces between different materials. This is why I like to make full tang knives.

Best advice for making a high-performance kitchen knife: Getting the blade as thin as possible, I usually grind my blades with a full flat zero grind thin enough to cut paper before I start hand sanding them. The blade also needs to be hardened to around 63 HRC to be able to keep the edge sharp for a long time.

Best advice for choosing a kitchen knife: Choose knife with high hardness and a thin edge.

Favorite Damasteel pattern: This one was hard, but if I have to choose it would probably be Vinland, Odin’s eye or Hugin.


Instagram: @scaniansteel
Online shop: scaniansteel.bigcartel.com


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