Meet the DCI knife maker - Salem Straub

I’m a Washington State based bladesmith and teacher, specializing in culinary knives, daggers, and various integral forged blades. My main areas of interest are in the historical work of Europe and Asia, in vivid and interesting materials, and in exploring new boundaries in all styles of pattern welding. I’m fortunate enough to have been a protege of Ken Onion- besides that, I’ve been mostly self taught and hold no affiliations with professional organizations in the trade.

My sources of inspiration range from the DesRosiers, to Rodrigo Sfreddo, Peter Johnsson, Mareko Maumasi, Vince Evans, and on… I’ve been making knives since 2004 and plan to continue until I can’t pick up a hammer. A 2016 Forged in Fire Champion, I’m a full time maker whose books are currently closed for custom orders.

Instagram: @salemstraub
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