Meet the DCI knife maker - Quintin Middleton

About Quintin

I am based out of Saint Stephen South Carolina. I’ve been making knives for 17 years and I’ve been primarily making chef knives for 10 years.

I’ve been featured in Vogue Italy magazine, Garden and Gun magazine, Sauver magazine, GQ magazine and Ebony Magazine.

Middleton Made Knives is a new venture by bladesmith Quintin Middleton based in Saint Stephen, South Carolina – a small town outside of historic Charleston.

Mr. Middleton has been producing knives since 2003 and has had the fortune to be mentored by fellow South Carolina master bladesmith, Jason Knight. Jason calls Quintin “the GQ craftsman. Full of artistry, craftsmanship and style.” Other influences found in Quintin’s work include greats such as Jerry Hucks, Michael Rader, and the legendary Bob Kramer.

“Passion and skill. In every knife.” – Quintin Middleton
Using high carbon steel, each knife is custom made to the exact specifications requested by each customer. Quintin puts great care into each piece and he stands by the simple philosophy that every great chef needs a great knife, at a great price.

Instagram: @Middletonmadeknives
Online shop: Middletonmadeknives.bigcartel.com

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Sneak peek of on of Quintins DCI knives that will be available at the show.

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