Meet the DCI knife maker - Michael West


“Cutting Edge” series by Westknives.

A knife made by Danish knifemaker Michael West is instantly recognizable as he is known for developing his very own modern Nordic design founded on Scandinavian knife making traditions. A design that throughout the years has received numerous international awards. His take is contemporary and with a classic almost graphic dimension. He aims to form wholeness, where lines, shapes and materials create a natural balance, tension and coherence.

The knives from Westknives are not manufactured in series. They are always a piece of unique work that combines the joy of sublime craftsmanship with functionality and aesthetic finesse. The knives are all made by hand – from the drawing, grinding and forming the bar of steel making the blade, to the meticulous work it takes finishing the knife. For the handle, only exclusive natural materials are used that complete the joy of the excellent craftsmanship.

You will find tusks and molar teeth from mammoth, semi-precious gemstones and fossils as well as exotic woods and various precious metals, often in compelling combinations.
In 2019, Michael West was able to celebrate his 40th anniversary as a knife maker.
The anniversary culminated in him achieving the ultimate recognition on the international knife scene, by having his knife “Explosion” brought to the front page of the 39th year of the world’s greatest knife book – Blade Magazine’s yearbook “Knives 2019”.

Enjoy the knives from Westknives.
Design on the edge.

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