Meet the DCI knife maker - Kevin Cross

About Kevin

I offer custom, handmade knifes to people who need, want and deserve a high quality knife to make their lives easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilled. Whether you spend hours creating in a kitchen or leisure hours hunting, fishing or camping, I have created custom knives for you.

Why do I need a handmade custom knife?  An excellent question.  Store bought knives are made for mediocrity.  They are made for lots of tasks but don’t really do anything well.  If you are still with me, you have something you are passionate about.  It only makes sense to have a knife that supports you, increases your enjoyment and allows your passion to grow. MY passion is to make you that knife.

I had to think about it but my knife-making career has now spanned over 20 years.  I am a part-time maker and voting member of the Knifemakers’ Guild who enjoys creating beautiful, functional custom knives. Over the years I have made hunting knives, fillet knives, bowies, a few fighters, some beautiful safe queens and a wide variety of kitchen knives.  I have made knives for collectors, charter boat captains and professional chefs.  My knives have gone to war and also serve our country through the Secret Service, FBI and other government agencies. I prefer to do stock removal and work with stainless, carbon and Damascus steels. Damascus steels are limited to American makers.

Instagram: @kevincrossknives
Online shop: www.kevincrossknives.net


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Some of Kevin Cross knives at DCI Online 2020