Meet the DCI knife maker - Jòzsef Jeneses

My name is József Jeneses. I was born in Hungary, Debrecen in 1976. I have been making knives since 1998. Knifemaking is much more for me than simply shaping steel into the form of a knife. My outmost priority to get to know the end-user, the person itself, and prepare a knife matching her or him. I prefer to personally get to know the will-be owner, to learn more about his personality in order to understand his requirements, and thus be able to produce the most well handling knife for him.

There are several world-famed chefs among our customers, and we provide knives for well-known restaurants.
Besides preparing the products (which contains hunting, tactical, kitchen, EDC fix knives and folders) I try to invest as much time as I can into forming and developing my own style, and producing my own knives. Nowadays several well-known chefs, anglers and hunters use my individually designed knives with outmost satisfaction.

For me the best part of my job to give a knife to my customers that are more than an object, an aesthetically pleasing object, that will accompany and serve my clients for a long time.

Read more at: jeneses.hu/egyedi-kesek-custom-knives
Instagram: @Jenesesknife

My professional recognitions:
2014. Fire-Iron Festival Székesfehérvár – Functional hunting knife category
2017. XVII. International Knife Exhibition Brno – Audience Award
2017. XIV. Fire-Iron Festival Székesfehérvár – Kitchen knife category
2019. XVI. Fire-Iron Festival Székesfehérvár – Exclusive kitchen knife category
2019. XVIII. International Knife Exhibition Brno- Fixed utility knives


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