Meet the DCI knife maker - Dimitri Turcott

Studio Blade is a custom knife maker from Zurich. In a world dominated by mass produc-tion he crafts unique handmade tools for the modern day adventurer, hunter or chef. Only top quality materials are used for his blades and sheaths. Being an avid outdoorsman, hunter and a globetrotter himself, these knives have been put to the test in real world sce-narios by professionals. His knives are used all over the world, used by hunters in the USA and chefs in Monaco, Paris, Los Angeles, etc.

Studio Blade has been rewarded with the “Handmade in Belgium” quality label by UNIZO. Studio Blade has also received an official recognition by the Belgian government as “Certi-fied Craft”.

In 2019 a docu on his life and works as an artisan was recorded on the ARTE channel and broadcasted throughout Europe.

Instagram: @studioblade

Read more: studio-blade.com

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Sneak peek of some of Dimitris DCI knives that will be available at the show.

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