Meet the DCI knife maker - Cut Throat Knives

Aidan is the owner and founder of Cut Throat Knives. Aidan discovered knife making through a love of food. His primary goal is to enhance the joy of cooking by making beautiful, long-lasting and well-built kitchen tools.

Cut Throat Knives was founded in 2015 with a focus on kitchen knives and culinary tools. Cut Throat Knives have a deep respect for manual craftsmanship and enjoy learning from rare and forgotten trades. Finding inspiration in taking humanity oldest tools and looking to the future, pushing the envelope and crafting something unique.

Cut Throat Knives’ slogan ‘kitchen heirlooms’ expresses exactly what they set out to create, tools that will become the family keepsakes of those who own them.

The goal for their customers is not just a knife but a kitchen heirloom.

Instagram: @cutthroataustralia

Webpage: www.cutthroatknives.com



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Aidans knives at DCI Online April 24 2021.

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