Meet the DCI knife maker - Casey Vilensky

Nestled in the heart of Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, Canada lies Lynn Valley Forge, the one man studio of bladesmith Casey Vilensky. A blade smith that believes in function first, with comfort and eye catching originality close behind.

Every piece is forged from his own high carbon steel damascus patterns and finished with a combination of local sourced and exotic timbers stabilized in-house. Taking inspiration from both classic Japanese styles and the nature around him, Casey’s knives are built for daily use, comfort and designed to turn heads, with beautifully pinned sayas that match the knife’s handle, and attention to every detail.

With each detail meticulously planned and a scientific approach to heat treatment, every blades hardness is tested and grain structure monitored. This uncompromising approach to quality is evident in every knife crafted by Lynn Valley Forge.

Instagram: @lynnvalleyforge
Facebook: Casey Vilensky.

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Sneak peek of some of Casey Vilenskys DCI knives that will be available at the show.
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