Meet the DCI knife maker - Alfredo Faccipieri

First of all I would like to introduce myself: my name is Alfredo Faccipieri and I have been a fulltime knife maker since 2016. From that on I have always focused my attention on kitchen and chef knives.
Two years ago I took the decision to make only custom knives because I actually really like the relationship between me and my customers. We don’t create just a business relationship but rather a true friendship which helps especially me to grow and learn more and more.
As far as I can say the meaning of “an excellent knife” is the result of two important aspects: the use of top quality materials and, most of all, the knowledge of using them in the best way.
I leave nothing to chance and I take care of every single detail, in order to create this object as perfect as possible.

The most important part of my work is the steel heat treatment, which is of course my favourite part: I find it incredibly fascinating. Furthermore as we know well a knife is not known as such if it doesn’t do its job.
I use both carbon and stainless steel even though I prefer this last one for professional use. On the other hand I’d rather use stabilized wood or top quality synthetic materials for the handle.

Read more at: www.faccipieri.com

Instagram: @alfredofaccipieri

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Sneak peek of some of Alfredos DCI knives that will be available at the show.
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