Damasteel® Chef Invitational 2022

We welcome you November 12, to the world’s most exclusive online culinary knife show!

At DCI Online, hundreds of people from all over the world meet the talented DCI knife makers and have the chance to buy from a collection of exclusively handmade Damasteel® culinary knives! Take a virtual walk into the world class knife maker's workshops and experience something special in each booth!

We look forward to seeing you this November for our 5th online edition of this showcase.

DCI Knives ‘22

About DCI Online

DCI Online is an opportunity to showcase some of the most talented craftspeople from around the world and their custom made kitchen knives of Damascus patterned steel. The show attracts knife collectors, knife makers and those in the restaurant industry.

At the show, you get the chance to buy exclusively handmade Damasteel® culinary knives, take a virtual walk into the DCI knife makers workshops and experience something special in each booth! There will be cutting, forging, and sharpening demos! Professional chefs will be on hand preparing delicious dishes and sharing their best advice on using and taking care of a Damasteel® kitchen knive. Attend the raffle for a chance to win your own Damasteel® chef knife! And, for a guide to our knifemakers featured presentation times.


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