Damasteel® Chef Invitational

Damasteel® Chef Invitational

Thanks everyone who participated in our exclusive chef knife show!

Thank you everyone who participated in Damasteel® Chef Invitational 2019, and congrats to the amazing winners! The show, which’s on its second year, turned into a huge success for everybody involved. Of course we’ll be back next year to enjoy stunning pieces of art, a good company and to congratulate 6 happy winners in different categories. Will you be one of them?

Damasteel® Chef Invitational is an exclusive chef knife show with world class knife makers. Custom made kitchen knives of stainless Damascus patterned steel is made by some of the most talented craftsmen from around the world. The show attracts knife collectors and knife makers as well as people from the restaurant industry. Buy limited edition chef knives, meet the master craftsmen and have the chance to win your own Damasteel® chef knife! Nominate your favorite knife (Best in Show) and have the chance to win a knife made of stainless Damascus patterned steel.

Six different categories:
Best design
Best chef knife
Best cleaver
Best paring knife
Best integral knife
Best in show

Information about DCI 2020 will be announced here as well as on the facebook page called Damasteel Chef Invitational later on.

Master knife makers 2019:

James Oatley – Oatley Knives
Winner of Best design! Knife maker, Austraila.

Greg Cimms – GCknives
Winner of Best chef knife! ABS Journeyman bladesmith, maker of high performance cutlery. Part time chef. Millbrook, New York.

Rick Petko – RPD&Co
Winner of Best cleaver! Started RPD & Co 2006 to do his own creative outlet doing metalwork, handforgeing, custom knifework and wedding bands. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Zack Worrell – Monolith knives
Winner of Best Paring knife! Founder, Creative Director and Knife Maker. Ivy, Virginia.

Nick Watson – Monolith knives
Winner of Best Paring knife! Lead Knife Maker, Ivy Virginia.

Salem Straub – Promethean Knives
Winner of Best integral knife! Custom knife maker, blacksmith. Tonasket, in Washington State.

Galen Garretson – Town Cutler
Winner of Best in show! Knife maker, founder and owner Town Cutler. Chicago, Illinois.

Joseph Schrum – Halcyon Forge
Handcrafted Culinary Knives Missouri, outside of Kansas City.

Tony LaSeur – LaSeur Knives
LaSeur Knives is a small workshop that specializes in heirloom-quality culinary knives, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Stephen Pustilnik – Houston Edge Works
High performance handmade custom cutlery from premium and super steels and exotic woods. Houston, Texas.

Quintin Middleton – Middleton Made Knives
Bladesmith based in Saint Stephen, South Carolina.

Kevin Cross – Kevin Cross Custom Knives
Custom, handmade knifes. Connecticut, USA.

Tobbe Lundström – TOBBE LUNDSTROM Knives
Knife maker in Åre, Sweden.

Steffen Toksvig – TX Knives
Custom made kitchen knives. Copenhagen, Denmark.

James Milne – Fifty50 Knives
Maker of hand-perfected, high performance kitchen knives. Brisbane Australia.

Isaiah Schroeder – Schroeder Knifeworks
Custom kitchen knives and kitchen tools. Madison, Wisconsin.

Marc Weinstock – Prick Blades
Bladesmith. Custom knives – From blade to sheath each is made individually by hand. Chicago, Illinois.

Mert Tansu – Tansu Knives
Hand made high performance kitchen knives. Austraila.

Contact us for more information

Kolter Livengood – Owner Brightwok Kitchen

Per Jarbelius – Owner Damasteel®
+46 76 – 816 44 00

People that come in here from out of the street are blown away with the quality of the stuff, the craftsmanship and the variety. It was a great turnout, so looking forward to next year!Rick Petko, RPD & Co

Knives from Damasteel® Chef Invitational 2019

Kitchen knives – RPD & Co


Kitchen knives – GC Knives


Kitchen knives – Town Cutler


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