A Tradition of Perfection

Our blacksmiths creates a pattern from a perfect steel billet. This perfect steel billet has no boundaries between the two alloys. They are in fact one solid piece of steel. Hence the superior performance of Damasteel®. Our blacksmiths then work with traditional methods utilizing their craftsmanship to make the most beautiful Damascus patterned steel in the world.


Damasteel® manufactures a beautiful patterned – and stainless – Damascus steel with superior strength and durability. We accomplish this with modern powder metallurgy with a technique we hold the world wide patent for. Damasteel’s smiths have a passion for their profession, which is visible in the final product. We simply manufacture steel that gives our customers around the world incredible opportunities for personal creativity. Your high standards on design and function are also our priority. Our highest quality premium steel should always be your first choice.

The picture below shows the imperceptible transition between the two alloys in Damasteel® DS93X™. The grains in the transition zone contains both alloys.