Damacore® DC18N – the success is back!

The stainless Damascus patterned steel, Damacore® DC18N was launched with great success at Atlanta Blade Show in June. With a core that consists of N11X™, a high nitrogen steel, makes the new product unique when it comes to combining outstanding corrosion resistance with edge sharpness, wear resistance, strength and ductility.

The Damascus patterned outer layers consists of RWL34™ and PMC27™. They are both variants of martensitic stainless steel with a minimum of 13 percent chromium content. They have been proven very suitable as a knife material, for long cherished in Damasteel DS93X™ martensitic Damascus patterned steel. The three alloys combined in Damasteel’s process gives the Damacore DC18N™ unique and exceptional properties. This provides an ultimate blend of technology, beauty and performance.
Damacore DC18N™ gives the knife enthusiast the opportunity to have ultimate beauty combined with the most technologically advanced knife available. The steel lifts the meaning of “cutting edge and looks too” to a whole new level.

Batch II are available in six (!) different patterns:

Odins Eye™, Grosserosen™, Hakkapella™, Thor™, Hugin™ and Rose™

1,5 / 2,0 / 2,5”
38 / 51 / 63,5 mm

1 or 2 foot
305 or 610 mm


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