Pressrelease: Exclusive chef knife show in Chicago and San Francisco

Damasteel® Chef Invitational is the first Chef knife focused gathering arranged to connect world class craftsmen to the chefs and collectors that use these beautiful tools. Custom made culinary knives of stainless Damascus patterned steel is made by some of the most talented craftsmen from around the world. The show attracts knife collectors and knife makers as well as people from the restaurant industry.

“The excitement of arranging this is to see the result of the work the most talented craftsmen making absolutely stunning chef knives out of our patterned steel. It’s also about letting two different worlds meet with the common interest of creating art with world class handcraft but also to feel the functionality and performance of the steel”

Per Jarbelius, Owner Damasteel®

Master knife makers will do specially made kitchen knives of stainless patterned Damascus steel that gives the knives a special character and strength. The high cleanliness, edge sharpness and corrosion resistance make it a top one product for chefs.

Visitors can view the exclusive chef knives during the show. There is an opportunity to buy knives and some of the knives will be auctioned out. The visitors also have the chance to win a knife made of stainless Damascus patterned steel when they nominate their favorite knives in seven different categories:

Best Chef knife
Best Cleaver
Best Paring knife
Best Integral knife
Best Bread knife
Best Japanese Chef knife
Best in Show

“When you let two different worlds meet with the common interest of creating art with handcraft, functionality and performance – innovation appears.” Chef Kolter Livengood, Brand ambassador


Knife makers DCI Chicago 2020:

Tony LaSeur – LaSeur Knives
Rick Petko – RPD&Co
Nick Watson – Monolith knives
Zack Worrell – Monolith knives
Stephen Pustilnik – Houston Edge Works
Quintin Middleton – Middleton Made Knives
Isaiah Shroeder – Schroeder knifeworks
Marc Weinstock – Prick Blades
Mert Tansu – Mert Tansu Knives
Galen Garretson – Town Cutler
Max Albert – Majime Knives
Niko Nicolaides – Nicolaides Knives
John Phillips – Phillips Forged
Duncan Stephenson – Horn & Heel
Aidan Mackinnon – Cut Throat Knives
Matthew Parkinson – Dragon’s Breath Forge
Brian Tighe – Brian Tighe Custom Knives

Knife makers for the San Francisco show will be presented in the spring.

When you visit the show you will also meet:

Galen Garretson, co-host and owner of Town Cutler
Chef Kolter Livengood, Brand Ambassador
Abe Shaw from Eatingtools and Living steel
Kevin Pellegrino, who will show you how to sharpen your knives like a pro, and answer your questions about sharpening.

Damasteel® Chef Invitational Chicago
Monday, May 18, 2020
12pm to 6pm, VIP hours: 10am to 12pm.

Town Cutler
1116 W Madison St, Chicago,
IL 60607, USA

Damasteel® Chef Invitational San Francisco
Saturday, August 29, 2020
12pm to 6pm, VIP hours: 10am to 12pm.

San Francisco Cooking School
690 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco,
CA 94102, USA


I really enjoy making culinary knives, the satisfaction of making a custom tool that a professional or enthusiast can be proud of, add the looks and performance of Damasteel, you get the best of the best ! Rick Petko RPD&Co

Kitchen knives – GC Knives


Kitchen knives – Town Cutler


Kitchen knives – RPD & Co