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Made in Sweden

Product Range

OUR EXTENSIVE PRODUCT range cover flat bars, round bars and sheets. 

We carry DAMASTEEL® DS93X™ MARTENSITIC DAMASCUS PATTERNED STEEL in flat bar sizes intended for knifemaking. We also carry a selected sizes as round bar.

DAMASTEEL® DS95X™ AUSTENITIC DAMASCUS PATTERNED STEEL are carried in selected sizes as flat and round bar.

DAMASTEEL® RWL34™ MARTENSITIC STEEL are carried as flat bar sizes and sheets intended for knifemaking. Sheet are delivered in 600 mm/24" by 900 mm/36" size. As standard we deliver flat bars in 1 m (39"inch) lengths.

Dimensions of DAMASTEEL® DS92X™ GUN BARREL STEEL and DAMASTEEL® DS96X™ STAINLESS GUN BARREL STEEL are available upon request.